Beaches of Barbados

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Barbados can be described as the most beautiful and the very enchanting island in the Caribbean. It is an amazing sovereign island country surrounded by 70+ awesome beaches, the dazzling Horizon’s cave formations, fascinating Bat Control, and much more. It’s a property with 11 stunning perishes highlighting its own glamor.

It is a country known for its delicate hearted Barbadians with their hearts filled with plenty of friendship, courtesy, kindness and peace. It is a property praised by many of the visitors for the amazing beaches and the fabulously amazing beauty of this Island, Barbados completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s a list of some of the amazing beaches of Barbados:

  1. Crane Beach is in brief”The beach of peace”.


  1. It is one of the best places to have a long break.
  2. Accra: Accra beach is just one among the renowned beaches in the South Cost of the amazing Barbados. Mostly people tend to spend the whole day here.
  3. Sandy Lane Beach: This beach can be considered as the best beach for swimming and Water sports.
  4. Cattlewash: The beach located on the East Coast and the very charming place to visit.
  5. Bottom Bay: This remarkable beach is found at the South East Price full of complete white sand and surrounded by the enormous and the most beautiful green palm trees.
  6. Silver Rock: Silver Rock Beach is the favorite place for kitesurfers and windsurfers with its location in the South Price.
  7. Little Bay: A shore with the heavy and large waves of the Atlantic Ocean which makes it a beautiful spot for photography.
  8. Batts Rock: It is a beautiful beach situated on the West Coast, full of its incredible beauty with white sand and a charming greenery.

Well, this isn’t the end, there are considerably more Fantastic beaches around the Barbados.

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