The perfect living room

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The living room, as one of the prime communal rooms of this house is essential to family life. The place where all of us gather after work, school and a day of running errands, the place where we spend time together, talk and watch our favourite movies there’s not any surprise as to why for most, it is a favourite part of the house.

During a day and age where we’re all lost in technology, texting our friends, checking up on social media or reading the latest gossip column, family time is a opportunity to actually be together. With that in mind it comes as no surprise that a number of homeowners take great care in ensuring they have created the perfect environment.

From the colour and decor to the placement of the couch; every little detail things and might be the difference between being a loved room to one which everyone squirrel pest control!


A comfy sofa, large enough for the entire family is an absolute must for your living room. From two seater leather sofas to recliner chairs and corner cloth sofas; the options available are endless. It’s important to make sure that if you want a comfortable room for everyone to sit , that you have the best and most comfortable seating possible.

A comfy couch will make having those movie nights even more possible.


Entertainment is crucial and today’s kids are far more likely to congregate to the living room if they are facing the television.


It is not hard for rooms to clutter up with junk. Whether your significant other decides to leave his work boots placed behind the couch, your youngest children have turned it into a toy room or the more creative of your family members may have turned it into their art area, if the room starts to lose its purpose then the audience will disappear with it.

Try to keep all clutter and junk away and ensure the room has a clear sense of space as this can help to make sure that the room stay inviting.

Is your living room as good as inviting as it might be?

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